Protecting Big Sarasota Pass from Dredging

SKA is working for a DO NO HARM solution for Siesta Key and Big Pass

Prior to the Administrative Hearing in June of 2018, SKA had filed a Verified Complaint in civil court to prohibit the dredging of Big Pass on the basis that it violates the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan.

The City of Sarasota filed an Amended Motion to Dismiss our case just prior to the hearing on their original Motion to Dismiss on Monday, July 23, 2018.  As a result, the judge continued the case to provide more time for responses.  SKA filed its response the first week in August and is awaiting a date for the rescheduled hearing.  Unfortunately, the City’s action has resulted in increased legal fees for our required response.

We greatly appreciate your continued contributions to support legal expenses and representation on behalf of Siesta Key!  You can make a tax-deductible contribution to SKEDF of any amount to help us continue defending the Siesta Key environment.

Please refer to our Big Pass Project Page for more information on the impact of the proposed project and less harmful alternatives.  SKA fully supports the need for Lido Beach renourishment but strongly advocates for sources of sand that do not endanger Siesta Key or the Big Pass environment.