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The Siesta Key Association (SKA) is comprised of citizens, like yourself, who have a vested interest in preserving and protecting the quality of life offered by our beautiful Island. A Board of volunteer Directors, all of whom live or own property on Siesta Key, manages this non-profit Association. Our Board of Directors has a rich tradition of representing and pro-actively lobbying for the rights of the citizens of Siesta Key dating back 60 years. In today’s environment of growth, hard economic times, and static property values, it is becoming ever more critical to have an active body that represents the interest of all residential property owners on Siesta Key.

At its annual meetings the Association reviews its accomplishments for the year and its goals for the future. County officials may be invited to present current or pending Key issues. SKA sends newsletters and email to advise members of our programs and matters of interest. We maintain an active web site where you will find pertinent information, our organization’s monthly meeting minutes and the latest news, including a calendar of events affecting our Key and SKA issues pending with the county.

Siesta Key occupies a total area of just 34.4 square miles, 0.6% of Sarasota County’s 587.3 square miles. Our year-round population (approximately 11,000) doubles in season. Even with our seasonal population, we represent less than 4% of the entire county population. However, Siesta Key contributes 8% of Sarasota County tax revenue. This is 2010 data based on the County Tax Appraiser’s office and doesn’t include sales tax and tourism tax revenue derived from Siesta Key.

Walkway to the white sand beach and lifeguard station at Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota Florida

Make your voice heard on important issues affecting Siesta Key. $35 Annual Membership.

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We must take care to assure that the ambiance and beauty that attracted us here in the first place are maintained. Keep abreast of events that will affect your Island. We all have a stake and your membership in SKA is the most effective venue we have for controlling the destiny of our Key.

That’s why an increase in our membership is so important. The greater our numbers, the greater the influence we can exert on issues directly impacting our district.

Please take a moment to review a few of SKA’s contributions serving our community.

Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 P.M. in Room F at St. Boniface Church on Midnight Pass Road. Please come to our monthly meetings and share your thoughts and concerns with us on issues that are important to you. Should you wish to contact us, please call 941-364-4880 or send an email to

Your membership will be instrumental in helping to attain our goals!