SKA actions on proposed Big Pass dredging project

SKA is actively working to oppose dredging of Sarasota Big Pass to ensure nothing is done to impact our beaches, residential community and natural coastal habitat.

***Verified Complaint***

In March of 2017, SKA filed a Verified Complaint in civil court requesting that dredging of Big Sarasota Pass be prohibited on the basis that it violates the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan (see below). The City of Sarasota filed a Motion to Dismiss. Both actions were put into abeyance pending the outcome of the Administrative Hearing on the FDEP permit for the work.

SKA did not prevail in the Administrative Hearing, and FDEP has now issued the permit, so our only recourse is to continue the civil action. It is important that we resolve this case before the end of turtle nesting season on November 1, 2018, when actual dredging and sand placement can begin. Please donate whatever you can to SKEDF to help SKA continue our defense of our Siesta Key Environment.

Excerpt from the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan

Env policy 4.6.1 – Prohibit dredge and fill activities in the Gulf of Mexico, bays, rivers, and streams of the county except to maintain previously dredged functional navigation channels and existing drainage canals. Maintenance of previously dredged waterways shall be accomplished in ways that are environmentally sound. All new environmentally sound navigation channels and beach nourishment projects require approval by the Board of County Commissioners and must be determined to be in the public interest. The dredging of new navigation channels other than those just described shall be prohibited.”

US Army Corps of Engineers project document #2

Below is an image of a USACE document outlining the areas proposed for dredging, next to a Google Earth image of Big Pass from 2016. Click on the image to view a C-size drawing of the USACE document in PDF format.

Join SKA in working for a DO NO HARM solution for Siesta Key and Big Pass!

The figures below are taken from the USACE project documents. They show the planned dredge areas and the wave energy impact on surrounding areas. Note that wave energy could be increased up to two times in certain locations.

Review the presentation from the July SKA public meeting for more information on the impact of the currently proposed project on our fragile barrier islands and on our vital recreational resources.

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