Projects & Goals

Aerial view of the Siesta Key beach with the most white and clean sand, Florida.
  • Sarasota Big Pass: Safeguard our shoreline from proposals of dredging or coastline hardening which could have negative impact on our beaches, residential community and natural coastal habitat. Participate in scope of peer review process prior to approval of ACOE existing plan to dredge and place groins on south Lido shore.
  • Work with Planning staff, residential community, Chamber of Commerce, and developers to prevent adverse impact of new commercial development located at or near traffic entering Siesta Key from Stickney Point Bridge. Request access management plan review and FDOT study (Esplanade development).
  • Develop process of public input and review for FDOT Safety Enhancement Project for Midnight Pass/Beach Road intersection.
  • Legislative advocacy to restore local governance of smoking ordinance as it applies to use of tobacco products within our County parks, specifically our Siesta Key public beach parks.
  • Ensure maintenance and enforcement of Siesta Key Overlay District standards. This includes collaborative efforts with Code Enforcement of property ordinance and parking standards.
We are proud of many achievements supporting our community, including
  • Successfully petitioned BCC to approve funding of Sarasota Big Pass peer review of ACOE plan to dredge and place groins along the south end of Lido.
  • Successfully petitioned BCC for protection of public beach swim zone area from commercial paddleboarding. Issues of increased risk to swimmers and available extensive coastal access prevailed.
  • Presented final version of Residential Rebuild guidelines with the PDRP to BCC. Approval is scheduled for January 2015.
    Third successful petition before BCC to retain protection of the existing Gulf Beach Setback regulations. A unanimous BCC decision affirmed GBSL protection from construction on coastal properties having no prior history of existing structures seaward of the Gulf Beach Setback Line (GBSL)..
  • Received BCC approval of parking protections along the length of Avenida de Mayo. Parking protections will ensure full access by first responders and retain safe use by residents and pedestrians.
    Bollard lighted crosswalks for pedestrian safety and visibility were completed in Siesta Village.
  • Completed Post Disaster Residential Rebuild (PDRP) recommendations in partnership with Casey Key, Manasota Key, and North Manasota Key (Barrier Island League). These will be included within Chapter Five of our County PDRP and are designed to provide rebuild planning guidelines for county residents.
  • Successfully advocated to BCC for 5 mph speed reduction (40 to 35) along south Midnight Pass Road and to restrict use of this portion of the road by low-speed vehicles (LSV).
  • Initiated and achieved approval with County staff and the BCC for placement of seven pedestrian LED “Bollard” lighted crosswalk sites in Siesta Village. Scheduled for bidding and implementation in 2013.
  • Collaborated with FDOT, island organizations and residents for design and placement of six Midnight Pass crosswalks.
  • Enhanced code enforcement support for the Siesta Key Village Noise Ordinance.
  • Increased Grand Canal and Intra-coastal Waterway law enforcement for manatee protection and residential security.
  • Initiated with County Parks staff modified collection schedule for refuse/recyclables at all beach access paths.
  • Initiated Monitor-A-Beach access project for volunteer oversight of access pathways maintenance.
  • Collaborated successfully with SK Condo Council for speed reduction to 30 mph on Beach Road
  • Collaborated with County on Siesta Key Beach redesign, parking and Beach Road drainage plan approved in November 2012. Startup scheduled for late February 2013. Requested BCC review of priorities and budget for Siesta Key Beach Park improvements; December 2012.
  • Sponsored 2012 community activities, including the Junior Lifeguard Program, July 4 SK Chamber Fireworks, Sand Castle Contest, “Light-Up the Village” Holiday Parade, Mote Marine/Crystal Classic Sandsculpting Competition, Village Easter Egg Hunt and Audubon Imperiled Beach Nesting Program.
  • Coordinated plan with FP&L to ensure property protections and tree canopy preservation during Siesta Key electric line tree pruning work; June-August 2012.
  • Increased SKA Adopt-A-Road coverage to include North and South Midnight Pass Roads and Higel Avenue to Bay Island.
  • Continued placement of biodegradable bags for dog litter stations throughout Siesta Key.