Want to Improve Water Quality in Siesta Canals?

Easily-implemented projects to improve severely degraded water quality in Siesta Key canals were presented by Phil Chiocchio, of the Sarasota Bay Fisheries Forum, at SKA’s October 3rd meeting. Disolved oxygen level in the canals is at the point where very little can survive. With further degradation the canals will become a health hazard. To reverse this, two sand shoals near the Grand Canal entrance could be removed to increase water flow. Additionally, a solar-powered boat towing aeration hoses (operated by volunteers) would add oxygen. To help filter pollutants from canals, floating mini-reefs can be installed under existing boat docks. These structures soon become a haven for crabs, oysters, and fish. And finally, to increase canal flushing, a longer term project to add a culvet to the Gulf would be helpful. Interested? Watch YouTube videos: Grand Canal Needs Help and Grand Canal and Mar Vista Compared. A visit to Phil’s 3-month old pilot project at the Mar Vista Dockside restaurant on north Longboat Key revealed mini-reefs covered in aquatic life with fish swimming all around. Bonus – a wonderful lunch in a beautiful setting. Attendees at the SKA meeting felt this proposal has potential to improve Siesta waterways. Stay tuned.