Summary: Dec 11th FDOT Meeting and Next Action

Dec. 15, 2019 –

Just to recap the FDOT meeting, Sura reported we had more than 125 people who attended the FDOT hearing on December 11th. There was an FDOT spokesperson, which listened to the audience’s questions before the meeting but did not provide any back and forth question and answer session. There were also two County employees in attendance and there was a court reporter that was taking notes.

It is very important that if you are opposed to FDOT relinquishing jurisdiction over Stickney to the County, that you email Kyle Purvis, and say so.  FDOT keeps track of how many people respond to the record. You can email Mr. Purvis at There is a time limitation on the receipt of responses.  They must be received by December 20, so please take care of this right away!

It should be noted that FDOT has No Authority to override the Siesta Promenade application. FDOT does, however, have the responsibility to provide safe and efficient roadways for Sarasota residents and the millions of visitors and tourists that visit and stay in the county. Also, FDOT has previously indicated that the intersection of US41 and SR 72 had growing safety and operational concerns and SR72 Stickney Point and US41 intersections has a low safety rating.

SKA will write its own text, adding recommended actions to request the Stickney Point road segment remaining under FDOT.  For the north end of Siesta Key, SKA will also include the concern for proposed North Bridge new safety designs, that these designs should be included in the agreement for the Siesta Drive road swap. FDOT needs to ensure the northern bridge and Siesta Drive do not experience overflow from south Stickney Point traffic management.