SKA testing new marine life habitats in Siesta Key canals

April 30, 2022 —

The Siesta Key Grand Canal Regeneration (SK GCR) project tests new habitat types for marine life in Siesta Key waterways.  

1. Vertical Oyster Gardens (VOGs) – The SK GCR team plans to apply for a grant later in the summer to install and study the colonization of the VOGs. 

2.  Concrete Roofing Tiles are a new invention and are being tested alongside the VOGs. 

Below is an instructional video on ‘how to install’ the VOGS and concrete tiles for new marine habitats and shows how they look under the dock.

In addition to installing the new habitats, the SK GCR project team plans to begin documenting the colonization in and around the new habitats: Mini Reefs, VOGs, and Tiles. As a result, the project success target has been changed to ‘habitat colonization growth and diversity.’ This change is because colonization changes appear earlier, and it is possible to create a thriving, juvenile marine life habitat while visible water quality will take more time. 

Click here for information about ordering a mini reef