Siesta Residents Continue Opposition to Stickney Point Hotel and Parking Garage

January 4, 2021  —

At a December 15 neighborhood workshop, Siesta Key residents continued to oppose a proposed 120-room, 85-foot tall hotel and adjacent 5-story parking garage on Old Stickney Point Road.  Points of concern were that the size of the hotel was too big and the increased intensity of use would be disruptive to the location.  This includes increased vehicle traffic on a cramped, dead end street and beach crowding on private property.  Added beach visitors will include not only the hundreds of hotel guests, but also patrons of the parking garage. A new issue raised is the possible negative impact on a wetlands at the rear of the hotel property.

The project violates existing restrictions which were designed to preclude such development. Special exceptions are being requested to allow the 80-foot tall building and 120 hotel rooms. Mark Spiegel, with the Siesta Key coalition, questioned whether the project meets the  standards that must be met before a Special Exception can be granted:

  • “The proposed use, singularly or in combination with other Special Exceptions, must not be detrimental to the health, safety, morals, order, comfort, convenience, or appearance of the neighborhood or other adjacent uses by reason of any one or more of the following: the number, area, location, height, orientation, intensity or relation to the neighborhood or other adjacent uses;
  • “The proposed use must be adequately buffered to effectively separate traffic, visual impact and noise from existing or intended nearby uses;
  • “The subject parcel must be adequate in shape and size to accommodate the proposed use;
  • “The ingress and egress to the subject parcel and internal circulation must not adversely affect traffic flow, safety or control; and
  • “The subject parcel is adequate to accommodate the height and mass of any proposed structure(s).”

Attendees recommended a more modest project, which complies with existing regulations,

Siesta Sands, January 4, 2021, Rachael Brown Hackney:   Residents Voice Strong Opposition to proposed Stickney Point hotel and Garage

For a full summary of the workshop, read Rachel Brown Hackney’s December 25, 2020 Sarasota News Leader article.