Siesta Promenade Reply Brief Filed

April 9, 2020 —

On March 23, 2020, the Reply Brief was filed by Attorney Ralf Brookes, Esq.

Specifically, what is being appealed is the “illegal and unlawful approval” of the Siesta Promenade development. The SKA AMICUS Brief was included in the filing. The team working on this appeal believes there is solid ground in the legal arguments and asked asked Court of Appeals to “Quash,” that is, “Reverse” the lower Court’s previous ruling – which in effect endorsed the County’s project approval. The hyperlink below provides access to the Reply Brief for your review. SKA members may want to at least skim this Brief.

The firm of Bentley & Bruning, on a pro bono basis, has provided a Trust Account for the collection of donations to be used solely for this Legal action. SKA members wishing to help can do so using the info below. 

Checks made out to: Bentley & Bruning, P.A. Trust Account

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