Weekly Shorebird Update

June 22, 2020  —

Steward Training Available
Hello everyone and happy Father’s Day!
To start, a quick note about stewardship. In order to train new stewards and provide a refresher for previously trained stewards there will be an online, live training via Zoom. There will also be a virtual training specific for the upcoming July 4th holiday. If you are planning to steward on July 4th you must review this information. Both trainings will be recorded so they can be made available if you are unable to attend.
General Training: Thursday, June 25th at 6pm
July 4th Training: Wednesday, July 1st at 7pm
There are two pairs of plovers that are still attempting to nest at Siesta. One female was looking particularly gravid last week and this week she finally laid an egg! It was a one-egg nest as of Friday. In other news, there has been a recent initiative aiming to tackle the dog issue on Siesta. This past week I did notice fewer dog tracks along the beach! Hopefully these efforts will continue to educate the community about the rules regarding dogs on the beach.
^Snowy Plover near it’s nest
The birds are thriving out on Lido. The first round of Least Tern chicks have all fledged and the birds who lost their nests all appear to be re-nesting. I would say there are at least 60 fledged chicks from the first group! The new nests will hatch by July 4th so we will need stewards to keep an eye on the new chicks that weekend.
Of the three pairs of Snowy Plovers that were in the Least Tern area one has nested! The female was still seen incubating today. I have noticed Least Terns chasing off crows that fly over the plover nest on several occasions. With an army of Least Terns to defend them I have high hopes that these plover eggs will make it to hatching! Fingers crossed for this nest to be successful!
The Black Skimmers have around 235 nests and nearly 150 chicks! Some of the oldest chicks are starting to become ‘feathered’. By this week I expect we will see more movement from the chicks and by July 4th I expect many chicks will be mobile and wandering out of the posting. Stewards will definitely be needed throughout the holiday to help watch over these chicks!
^Snowy Plover incubating a nest
^Black Skimmers lined up along the water on a busy Father’s Day Sunday.


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