Shorebirds are Back, Do Not Disturb

June 6, 2021 —

First off, a huge thank you to all the volunteers who came out over the holiday weekend! Thanks to them, no major incidents occurred.
It was a beautiful weekend, Saturday and Sunday were both hot and busy on Lido. Many of the Skimmers were resting down at the shoreline and, from what I saw, most people were happy to walk around the birds and fascinated to learn about them. On Memorial Day we got lucky with some much needed rain around 6 PM and that helped clear out the beach. Overall, it was a successful holiday weekend! Again, a big thank you to all the stewards that made it out!
The Skimmer colony nest count is much higher now, with about 280 nests as of Saturday and 920 adults as of yesterday. It is possible that we could have chicks as early as this weekend! I plan to put out some chick crossing signs tomorrow in anticipation of chicks. I also want to thank ArmaLido for helping contribute funds for these signs.
I will also be putting these out on the beach tomorrow! Hopefully they will be effective in getting people to not disturb the flock as they are cooling off by the water.
On Longboat our Least Tern colony unfortunately suffered major predation from the Yellow-crowned Night Herons. There were 12 chicks but when I last went out on Tuesday I was only able to find 3 left. They have moved north and outside of the posted area, likely to try and escape the night herons which have multiple nests in the Australian Pine trees at Cannon’s Cottages behind where the terns were nesting. I am hoping these last three chicks can avoid the herons and make it! Two were pretty close to flying and one was much younger.
Kylie Wilson
Shorebird Coordinator
(941) 266-5407