Shorebirds are Back, Do Not Disturb

April 9, 2021 —

Hello everyone!
We will be having the stewardship training for those interested in becoming a volunteer on Lido THIS upcoming Monday, April 12th at 7 PM. It will be recorded so don’t fret if you can’t attend. Please use the link below to register:
Also, we are hosting a new virtual workshop this year on Black Skimmers! This will be a presentation for anyone who wants to learn more about the Skimmers. It will go over general information about their biology and nesting. Please share this far and wide! Hopefully we will be able to educate a lot of locals and visitors through this free virtual workshop:
More good news this week! Our first nest survived Easter Weekend and the pair has at least two eggs. I’ve also regularly seen two other pairs of plovers on Siesta and one of the females looks pretty gravid so we may have another nest soon!
Yesterday on Lido I had an exciting surprise, I saw Ms. Sanibel and her mate! I hadn’t seen her at Siesta since the weekend. It will be interesting to see if they stick around on Lido to nest.
I had over 20 Least Terns, all in and around the pre-nesting enclosure, and there were over 200 Black Skimmer. Both seabird species were scraping and courting. The Skimmers seemed to be getting comfortable in front of the Holiday Inn.
Although we haven’t seen evidence of nesting, Whitney Beach on North Longboat has had a large group of American Oystercatchers lately! My recent counts this week were 23 individuals! I was very excited to see two familiar banded Oystercatchers, W34 and W35. I was part of the team that banded these two individuals last year at Shell Key Preserve where they hatched. It will be very interesting to see if any Oystercatchers stick around in our area!


Kylie Wilson
Shorebird Coordinator
(941) 266-5407