Shorebirds are Back, Do Not Disturb

April 29, 2021 —

Hello everyone!
Siesta:  There are still no Snowy Plovers being observed and no nesting on Siesta.

I will start with the bad news: the Least Tern colony has abandoned. There were up to 50 adults and 7 nests but as of yesterday all birds and nests were gone. Observations over the past week and tracks within the roped off area point to Fish Crows. There is still at least one pair of Snowy Plovers in the nesting area.
The good news is there is a Snowy Plover nest on Lido! I found a one egg nest on Sunday afternoon. With the ongoing crow issues it is imperative that people do not feed birds or leave trash near the area. Again, dogs should also not be taken to North Lido as they can cause the bird to leave the nest which can leave the eggs vulnerable to the hot sun and to predators like crows and ghost crabs.
More good news on Lido, the Black Skimmer colony is officially posted!! Thank you very much to our team of volunteers who came out to help put up the posting. My counts this week have been over 500 birds, and many are heavily scraping and copulating. Eggs should be on the ground soon!


We have a small group of Least Terns nesting on North Longboat Key! There are around 12 birds and 4 nests. The area of beach is pretty narrow but I’m hopeful the birds are high enough up on the beach that they will be able to avoid being over washed in the event of an early summer storm.


Kylie Wilson
Shorebird Coordinator
(941) 266-5407