Promenade Update – Dec 11 Public Hearing re Stickney Point/US 41 Intersection – Contact FDOT by Dec 3

Register interest: or by Phone: 863 -519-2396

Hearing: December 11, 5:30pm

Siesta Key Chapel, 4615 Gleason Avenue, Sarasota, Fl 34242.

An agreement is being negotiated between FDOT and Sarasota County to transfer the responsibility of Midnight Pass Road, including the Stickney Point/US41 intersection, from FDOT to the County. FDOT has announced a public hearing on December 11, however, if no interest is expressed in this hearing, FDOT will cancel it. Please register your interest in a public hearing by contacting FDOT by December 3 – this is next Tuesday. If you want to speak, you must register with FDOT. Please attend the hearing at Siesta Key Chapel on Dec. 11 @5:30P.

The Florida Department of Transportation has indicated that there are,  “…growing safety and operational concerns related to the intersection of US41 and SR 72.  The department has a responsibility to provide a safe and efficient roadway for our residents and the thousands upon thousands of visitors and tourists that come to our great state each year.”  This quote is from a letter dated 7/25/16, from Keith Slater, FDOT, Traffic Services Program Engineer.

FDOT’s oversight of this segment of SR72 (Stickney) should not be relinquished. SKA has been assured the State will remain involved in any major modifications to the roads. The only difference will be ‘who pays’. The road segments are between State-run Bridges and US 41.

The issues brought forward in the FDOT letter of 2016 will worsen if the intensity of development and road/vehicle access to the Key is overwhelmed on either bridge. We have identified areas that are extremely challenging and create a safety risk. We need to hear this spoken aloud within a public forum. We must have safe traffic management across the two bridges and approaching roadways to neighborhoods surrounding and within our barrier island of Siesta Key.