Promenade Opposition Resumes

May 10, 2024 —

Opposition to construction of the Siesta Promenade at Stickney Point Road and US 41 was recently renewed in Siesta resident James Wallace’s recent complaint against Sarasota County. The complaint requests that a 12th Judicial Circuit Court judge prevent operation of the traffic signal at Avenue B and C because it would create a “dangerous condition.” This new complaint is based on legal findings in recent successful challenges to the County’s approval of two high-rise hotels on Siesta Key.

The importance of this traffic signal in relation to the Siesta Promenade, as emphasized by Wallace, is that one of the County’s stipulations for opening Siesta Promenade is that the Avenue B and C light must be operational.

For an extensive discussion of Wallace’s complaint, read Sarasota News Leader, April 26, 2024, Rachel Brown Hackney: “Siesta resident Wallace files complaint against Sarasota County, seeking judicial order to prevent operation of traffic signal at Avenue B and C on Stickney Point Road.”