Nov 2 County Commission hearing and vote on Old Stickney Point Hotel and Garage

October 27  —

Tuesday, November 2, starting at 9 am, the Sarasota Board of County Commissioners will hold a formal hearing and vote whether or not to approve the proposed Old Stickney Point hotel and garage. Your attendance is requested in the Commission Chambers at 1660 Ringling Blvd.   It is important for our Commissioners to see the room filled with concerned citizens.  If you attend in person, treat this hearing as you would a Court of Law; it is  legal hearing.

The SK Coalition published a Guest Editorial in the Sunday, Oct 17th edition of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune Click here to read the editorialThe SK Coalition list of issues and the editorial, speak to the concerns we have with the proposed 170-room, 8-story Stickney Point Hotel and Garage.

Thank you for engaging in the process…encourage all your neighbors to do so as well.    ​For additional information, visit