Neighborhood Workshop for Proposed SK Hotel at Calle Miramar and Beach

A public workshop regarding Special Exceptions for increased building height and transient accommodations use for  the proposed hotel on Calle Miramar near Beach Access #5 is scheduled for January 11 at 6 pm via Zoom.

Detailed Instructions to Register for the January 11 Workshop  

  1. ASAP, click this link to preregister for the  workshop:
  2.  .  Fill in your name and email address and select Register.
  3. You should receive a Webinar Registration Success response.  This will have the link to use to attend the workshop.  Save this link.
  4. You should also receive an email from Kimly-Horn with the link in it.
  5. If you have difficulty registering, contact: Kelley Klepper, AICP  Kimley-Horn  941-379-7600
  6. On the day of the workshop, click the link from the Webinar Registration Success page or the Kimly-horn email to join the workshop.

It may be difficult to express you concerns during the workshop.  To ensure that your concerns are an official part of the workshop, email your questions/statements to: .  In the subject line of your email put: Neighborhood Workshop Calle Miramar & Beach – Siesta Key Hotel.  In the message state that you want your email to be part of the official workshop record.

For background information, click here  to view the application package.

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