Nancy Detert will be missed.

April 8, 2023 —

It was shocking to hear that Nancy Detert, County Commissioner for Sarasota’s 3rd District, had died quietly in her home on April 5. Sarasota citizens will miss her. Nancy understood the meaning of “public servant” as she served over 3 decades in many offices to help the public she represented. She gave voice to those who needed it most: the elderly, those with mental disabilities, and children in Foster Care. Nancy’s advocacy will be missed by these people. While in the Florida senate, she worked on bills to improve the elder guardianship program and to extend Foster Care to age 21. Anyone would be proud to have as rich a list of accomplishments attached to their name as Nancy Detert. Nancy will be missed by all of Florida.

If you would like to read more about Nancy Detert, then follow this link to an excellent account of her life and accomplishments “Commissioner Detert dies at her home on April 5” in the Sarasota News Leader, April 7, 2023 edition. We appreciate Rachel Brown Hackney for making this article available to all.