More of Siesta Key to be Paved for Parking

November 26, 2020  —

Although not on the November 17th meeting agenda, the County Commission  directed staff to find $250,000 funding for 22 additional parking spaces on Ocean Boulevard in front of Whispering Sands.  Diane Erne, vice president of the Condominium Council, had previously made suggestions to the Commission regarding alternate sites for parking.  All of the suggested sites are in the Village and would make better use of the $250,000 available for Ocean Blvd.  The serious safety, traffic and liability issues that exist on Ocean Blvd would not exist on these alternative sites.”  SKA President, Catherine Luckner, noted that zoning of this area is entirely Residential Multi-family under the provisions of the Siesta Key Overlay District section of the county’s Unified Development Code (UDC).  Commercial use doesn’t begin until the Michael Saunders Real estate office.  Read full details in Rachel Brown Hackney’s Sarasota News Leader article.