Megan Ehlers, Director Carefree Learner Program to Speak at June 2 SKA Meeting

May 27, 2022 —

Dr. Megan Ehlers, Ph.D., will be the guest speaker at the June 2 SKA meeting. She is a Marine Science teacher at Sarasota High School and serves as the Director of the Carefree Learner program. Her program is referred to as a “floating classroom.”  Sarasota High School’s “floating classroom” conducts educational tours in Sarasota Bay for students and the community and operates from the Marina Jack docks. She will introduce the audience to the Carefree floating classroom and the associated Eco Tours.

In the future, Megan and her students will be assisting SKA’s SK Grand Canal team with testing water and tracking colonization in siesta canals. Her students also work with our team to help install free Vertical Oyster Gardens under docks on Siesta Key waterways. Megan and the Carefree Learner provide students with first-hand experiences collecting water quality samples and performing population surveys on Sarasota Bay.