We Saved Single-Member Districts

March 10, 2022 —

In the March 8 referendum, Sarasota voters once more voted for the single-member district system of electing County Commissioners. Unofficial results show the amendment to end single-member districts was not approved, with 57.2% of voters opposing the proposal. The majority of residents favored just what they voted for in 2018 and in results from the Sarasota County’s 2021 Citizen Opinion Survey. Three strikes Рcountywide elections are out.

February 26, 2022 —

On March 8, Sarasota County is holding a referendum on how residents vote for County Commissioners.

Item 2 asks if you want to repeal the current single-member district system – where only district residents vote for their commissioner – and return to countywide voting – where all County residents vote for all commissioners.

A NO vote will retain single-member districts. A YES vote will return to countywide voting for all commissioners.

In an SKA survey on this issue of those responding, 84% favored voting NO, 11% favored voting Yes, and 5% were undecided.

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On March 8, Sarasota County will hold referendums for School District millage and County Commission elections