Lido Key Renourishment: Lido Key Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project Bid

The Lido Key Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project has issued a revised bid package. Below is a link to the project where you can get the bid package. Here are Bob Luckner’s highlights of the revised bid details:

  1. The bid request continues to EXCLUDE the eastern 0.7 miles of Cut C. This is where most of the sea grass destruction was expected.
  2. The bid request now EXCLUDES Cut B which is the area off of Siesta Key Sandy Hook neighborhood. This will save the sea trout spawning area we highlighted.
  3. The bid request now REDUCES the sand placed on Lido from 950,000 cubic yards to 590,000 cubic yards. This is a 38% reduction. No reason is given.

Click here to see the dredge area map.

This is everything SKA was asking for except for eliminating the western part of Cut C which would make a 500 feet wide by 13 foot deep cut through the shoal. We are going to talk to the County about this part of Cut C shortly.
Why did the Corps and City make these changes? They did it to reduce their project cost, there is not much sand in Cut B anyways and because SKA finally made them see the light. The groins will still be a disaster for Lido and Ted Sperling Park but we do not have the standing to object to this.

Here is the link to the project’s bid package.