Jim Wallace resumes challenge to Promenade stoplight at Avenue B and C

December 13, 2023 —

Attendees at the December 7 SKA meeting learned of a new legal challenge to the Prominade project. Based on rulings in recent court cases involving hotels on Siesta Key, Jim Wallace is resuming his challenge to installation of a stoplight at the intersection of Avenue B and C and Stickney Point Road. This stoplight is a requirement for the Promenade to be built

Jim wrote about his legal challenge to the activation of the new traffic signal on Stickney Point at Avenue B and C, “This new traffic signal, not yet made operational on Stickney Point, is required to handle the traffic flow that would be generated by the massive 24-acre Siesta Promenade project recently approved by Sarasota County. This property has been essentially vacant for years with no need for its own new intersection and traffic signal on Stickney Point.

This approval by the County was granted despite the fact that it was presented with professional engineer-developed evidence that the impact of inserting the new signal would be to cause Emergency Medical Vehicle Travel Times for Trips On and then Off the Key to dramatically increase – particularly during tourist season with its ALREADY massive stop and go traffic jams involving Stickney Point. Failure to overturn via litigation this insane and very likely illegal County action, approving this new Traffic Signal required by the Siesta Promenade project, over time will cause many lives unnecessarily to be lost. To watch the actual Sarasota County Approval Process, see the last 15 minutes in this video of the BOCC meeting: https://sarasotacounty.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=49&clip_id=6195

If you wish to help stop this Huge Land Use Planning Mistake, which in fact was shown very likely to be illegal by two court cases that the County just lost, please consider a donation to this effort to literally save the lives of folks residing/visiting the Key, not to mention mitigate future Siesta Key traffic -related anxiety.

To assist in this effort, please make your check payable to the Ralf Brookes, Attorney Trust Account and include on the memo section of your check: “Legal Challenge, New Traffic Signal”. Please mail your check to Ralf Brookes, Attorney, P.O. Box 100238, Cape Coral, FL 33910.