Jan 31 Public Hearing to relax protection for Grand Trees to facilitate development in Sarasota County

January 27, 2023 —

On Jan. 31, 2023, the Sarasota Board of County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on changes to the ordinance that protects Grand Trees.  The new ordinance generally relaxes some protection for Grand Trees to provide more flexibility for developers and development.  To provide testimony, email: bcc@scgov.net.  You can also voice your concerns in person at the meeting. Although the meeting begins at 9 am, no specific time is allotted for the hearing, which is Item 49 on the agenda. As always, the meeting will be available for live viewing.

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For a complete review of the changes, read Sarasota News Leader January 27, 2023, Rachel Brown Hackney: “Public opposition mounting to proposed Sarasota County Code changes that would loosen restrictions regarding preservation of Grand Trees”

Sarasota News Leader December 22, 2022, Rachel Brown Hackney: “Jan. 31, 2023 public hearing scheduled for proposed amendments to county‚Äôs Grand Tree provisions to facilitate development”