Important Dates for Sarasota County Voters

February 9, 2020 —

The majority of Sarasota voters vote before election day, Ron Turner, Supervisor of Sarasota County Elections, revealed to attendees at the SKA February meeting. This is because many voters now vote by mail, vote during early voting, or get an absentee ballot. Get full Sarasota County voting information. Following are important 2020 dates for Sarasota County voters:

Presidential Preference Election
February 18 — Last day to register
March 7 — Last day to request vote-by-mail ballot
March 7-14 — Early voting
March 17 — Presidential Preference Election

Primary Election
July 20 — Last day to register
August 18 — Primary Election

General Election
October 5 — Last day to register
November 3 — General Election

Siesta Key is split into two County districts: District 2 North of Stickney Point Rd., and District 4 south of Stickney Point Rd. There are no County Commissioner elections for Siesta Key in 2020.