Important August 23, 2022 Sarasota Election Dates

July 22, 2022 —

The August 23 election will decide winners for Florida District 2 State Senate and Sarasota County School Board races. Individuals with no party affiliation will be able to vote on candidates in these races.

The Sarasota County 2022 Primary Election is August 23, 2022 . Following are important dates for voters:

Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Ron Turner is reminding voters who choose to vote by mail (absentee) in the August 23 Primary Election to vote and return their ballots early, so the ballots will be received in the elections office in time to be counted.

“Voted ballots may be returned by mail or in person but must be received in the elections office by 7 p.m. election night to be counted,” Turner pointed out in a news release. “The cost to return a ballot by mail is one Forever stamp or $.60 postage,” he added, with emphasis in the release. For further info read,

Sarasota News Leader, July 21, 2022, Rachel Brown Hackney: Elections supervisor urges voters to return vote-by-mail (absentee) ballots promptly

For complete Sarasota County voting information visit the Supervisor of Elections website where you can register to vote, check your voter status, request a vote by mail ballot, get early voting information, find your precinct, get coming election information, get candicate information, and see your sample ballot. If you have further questions, call (941) 861-8600.