November 18 Hearing Scheduled for Big Pass Dredging Appeal

October 11, 2020  —

The Court of Appeals  set  November 18, 2020 at 9:30 am. to hear any necessary oral argument on SKA’s Appeal.  SKA filed its complete Appellant Reply Brief on July 21, 2020 following the City of Sarasota’s answer, on June 25, 2020, to SKA’s Appeal.   The City asked for an oral argument, but the Court has not determined whether it is necessary.  The 3-judge panel for the Appeal has been assigned.

SKA continues to monitor  environmental violations by the Army Corps of Engineers’ dredging contractors.  Photos show  equipment left strewn on Lido Beach for 3 daysThis violates regulations  regarding Turtle nesting.  SKA expressed concerns in a letter to FDEP that there are no approved plans for the construction of two new groins on Lido Key.
The beach sand is filled with shells and is coarse. This is the result of dredging the Pass – which is an estuary filled with sea life and formerly living marine habitat.

SKA requests your continued support by a donation of $50 to $100 to the SKA Environmental Defense Fund or the SKA Legal Fund.

SOSS2’s effort to overturn the Army Corps of Engineers’ Environmental Assessment for the Big Pass dredging project was denied September 30, 2020.