Half-price Mini Reef Opportunity

May 21, 2023 —

By the time you read this, half-price mini reefs may no longer be available. Only 27 are available as of this post. So, if you want to apply for the 50/50 purchase of a mini-reef, email Jean Cannon at siestakeyassoc1947@gmail.com or call her at (941) 313-0559.

When SKA started the mini reef project, there were about 34 mini reefs in our waters. Individual dock owners and a Sarasota County NIGP allowed us to grow to 272 by March 2023. And today, thanks to a kind donation for the 50/50 purchase program, we could reach 487 installed mini reefs. We only have 27 more mini reefs to attain this number. One of SKA’s goals for the Grand Canal was to have at least 500 mini reefs working under docks to restore habitats in time to celebrate the Grand Canal’s 100th birthday in 2025. The mini reef habitats promote the growth of various sea creatures such as fish, crabs, clams, shrimp and oysters in our bay and gulf.

Thanks to everyone’s support, we are on our way to achieving this goal.

At the June 1 SKA meeting, the Siesta Key – Canal Science Project started in Siesta Isles and Palm Island will be discussed.

 Our first installation of 84 half-price mini reefs will take place in Siesta Isles on Monday, May 22 and Palm Island on Tuesday, May 23. We plan to have two more mini reef installations in June.

Click here for detailed information on purchasing a mini reef.

For an excellent article on SKA’s mini reef program, read: Siesta Sand, April 28, Ned Steele: “Donation could put mini-reef program in fast lane”

March 11, 2023 —

For the past two years SKA has developed an ongoing project to install mini-reefs in canals and waterways on Siesta Key. The purpose is to add new habitats to improve water quality and bring back more sea life. To date, over 270 mini reefs have been installed through funding from dock owners and grants. Since the project began, dolphins have returned to parts of the Grand Canal, shrimp and crabs have shown up in and around the mini reefs, and mid-sized tarpon have been seen swimming around some canal docks. Almost all dock owners have reported an increase in the variety of small and larger fish returning to our waters.

A donation has been offered to Ocean Habitats, Inc. which would pay fifty percent of the cost for each new mini reef purchased and installed within Siesta Key waters. Recently, residents attending a meeting of the Siesta Isles Homeowners Association, signed up for 50 of these mini reefs. SKA invites all of Siesta Key to join and sign up as well. The project depends on Siesta Key residents with docks to make a 50/50 commitment to purchase in the next 90 days. SKA’s target date to complete the collection of residents’ commitment to purchase is May 31.

Click here for detailed information on purchasing a mini reef.