Siesta Key hotel update: County Commission seeks final judgement in Siesta Key hotel litigations

September 20, 2023 —

The Sarasota County Commission voted unanimously to seek a final judgment in the 12th Judicial Circuit Court regarding both Siesta Key hotel lawsuits that were filed in late 2021.

That judgment would invalidate the County Commission votes in October and November 2021 that approved first a 170-room, eight-story hotel on four parcels between Beach Road and Calle Miramar and, second, a seven-story, 120-room hotel at the intersection of Old Stickney Point Road and Peacock Road, on the southern portion of the island.

The purpose of the county’s request appears to be so that the County can appeal Judge Hunter Carroll’s August 21 ruling that the approval violated the County’s Comprehensive Plan policy 2.9.1.

Sarasota News Leader, September 22, 2023, Rachel Brown Hackney: “County Commission seeking ‘final judgment’ in Ramirez’s Siesta hotel lawsuit, which would make appeal possible”

August 23, 2023 —

Sarasota County’s 2021 approval of two high-density hotels on Siesta Key were invalidated by 12th Circuit Court Judge Hunter Carroll’s August 21 ruling that the action violated the County’s Comprehensive Plan policy 2.9.1. This is the second ruling that confirms Lourdes Ramirez’s complaint that the County action was invalid. In April, Florida Administrative Law Judge Suzanne Van Wyck similarly ruled in Lourdes’ favor. That ruling is currently being appealed by the County. For complete information about Lourdes’ lawsuits, visit

A victory celebration will be held August 31 from 5-7pm at the Siesta Key Wine Bar in the Village Davidsons Plaza. Information about the celebration

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