Siesta Groups to meet with City of Sarasota to explore annexing Siesta Key

January 30, 2022 —

Save Siesta Key reported that “City of Sarasota Mayor, Eric Arroyo has asked that leaders of Siesta Key meet with him and City Manager, Marlon Brown to discuss the possibility of Siesta Key being annexed into the City of Sarasota. Although we are somewhat skeptical this is a viable alternative to forming our own “government lite ” town, out of courtesy, we have agreed to meet on February 16th. Two members of our Board will be joined by representatives from the Siesta Key Association, the Siesta Key Coalition, and the Siesta Key Condominium Council. Stay tuned for an update of this meeting.”

January 20, 2022 —

On January 18 , the City of Sarasota Commission voted to explore Siesta Key residents’ interest in being annexed by the City of Sarasota. One big hurdle is that, currently, the City assesses 3.13 mills on property inside its borders.

Herald-Tribune, Jan 20, Derek Gillian: Officials to gauge public interest in siesta Key joining city

January 16, 2022  —

At its January 18 meeting, the City of Sarasota Commission will discuss the possibility of annexing Siesta Key.  This after the Siesta Key bid for incorporation failed at the recent Sarasota County Legislative Delegation meeting.  The meeting starts at 9 am at the City Hall, 1565 First Street. The discussion is one of the last items on the agenda, item XII.3.

Herald-Tribune, Jan 10, Derek Gillian:  Could Siesta be annexed into the City of Sarasota?

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