Three Hotels Proposed for Siesta Key

Location of 2 proposed hotels at intersection of Beach Rd and Calle Miramar

Two Proposed Hotels in Siesta Village

January 22, 2021  —

Three hotels are being proposed for Siesta Key,  two in Siesta Key Village and one near the south bridge.   All building proposals plan for over 100 rooms of Transient (nightly) Accommodations, exceeding existing limitations.  Two of the hotels would exceed the 35-foot height restriction.

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None of these hotels, as proposed, are legal under current zoning regulations.  All proposals also violate the two critical barrier island protections prohibiting an increase in density and intensity of property use.  These hotels can only be built if the County Commissioners grant special exceptions and amendments to current zoning and regulations.

The SK Coalition is a group of Siesta organizations and individuals who oppose this development outside the existing building regulations.  Visit the SK Coalition web site.

Current Hotel Status

Pre-applications have been submitted to the County Planning Department and comments returned on the projects.  No public hearings have been scheduled.   If you have thoughts about the hotel proposals, you can voice them to the County Commissioners at

The image (courtesy of Sarasota County) shows the location of the two proposed Village hotels, which are side by side.  The three hotel proposals are:

1. Re-development of Siesta Key Resort

The first Village hotel is an expansion of Mike Holderness’ Siesta Key Resort on Ocean Blvd. from 55 rooms to 170 rooms.  The buildings would adhere to the 35-foot height regulation.  No public workshop has been held for this project.

 View plans for this expansion on the Sarasota County web site.

Sarasota News Leader, Rachel Brown Hackney, October 1, 2020:  Redevelopment of Siesta Key Beach Hotel and Suites

2. Siesta Key Hotel  (new hotel at Calle Miramar and Beach)

Robert Anderson is proposing the second Village hotel with its entrance on Calle Miramar.This hotel would sit on the vacant UPS store lot and an adjacent empty lot on Beach Road, and three lots behind them on Calle Miramar.  A 170-room, 100-foot building would replace existing single-story buildings.

A public workshop was held January 11, 2021.  A formal application has been filed.

View plans for the Siesta Key Hotel on the County website.

View Development Review Comments

3. Siesta Key Resort Hotel (Hotel and Parking Garage near South Bridge on Old Stickney Point)

The third hotel, proposed by Gary Kompothecras, is located near Siesta Key’s South Bridge on Old Stickney Point and Peacock Roads.  This hotel would be a new 120-room, 100-ft building. A separate parking garage would provide some parking for the hotel.  A public workshop was held on December 15, 2020.

View plans for the Siesta Key Resort Hotel on the County web site.

View Development Review Comments


How will these development projects impact the Key?

These proposed hotels will add hundreds more cars driving daily on and off Siesta Key (in addition to extra traffic from the approved Promenade Hotel at US 41 and Stickney Point.)  Beach Access #5, in the Village, and beach access #12 near the Stickney Point Bridge will be overwhelmed with hundreds of extra visitors. Added transient accommodations will increase traffic, pedestrian, and beach congestion – how much can one little island absorb?

Another key component in the hotel proposals is a change to the County definition of Transient Accommodations.  Currently, for the barrier islands, including Siesta Key, Transient Accommodations are limited to 13 rooms/acre or 26 rooms/acre without a kitchen.  These hotel proposals include changes to zoning regulations that eliminate any restriction or allow much higher density.  More than 100 rooms per acre are proposed for each of the three hotels.   Proposals specifically state that certain property on Siesta Key may be developed “to contain transient accommodations which exceed the density restrictions of the zoning regulations.” This opens the flood gates for similar proposals on other Siesta Key commercial property.

Some Siesta Key Residents have asked what people can rely on when making a purchasing decision, if the Comprehensive Plan, Sarasota zoning code, and the SKOD regulations can be changed at a request for personal gain.  What protection can homeowners count on from the County?

Siesta Key Association continues to oppose special exceptions, variances, and amendments to the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan, Unified Development Code (UDC), or Siesta Key Overlay District (SKOD) for current and future development projects that increase the density, or intensity of property use on Siesta Key.


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Check back for further information on these hotel projects.