Update on Siesta Hotels and Promenade challenge

March 12, 2023 —

Those who did not attend SKA’s March 2 meeting missed, an excellent update from David Smolker, attorney at law, on three lawsuits that will impact Siesta Key residents and visitors.

FDOT Appeal Case

The traffic light at Avenue B and C on Sticknery Point is the last hurdle to Promenade construction. Jim Wallace was denied standing by the 2nd district court of appeal, without written opinion, to challenge the stoplight at Avenue B and C. Jim filed a request with the appellate court for a written opinion that was also denied. Other avenues of challenge are being considered.

Old Stickney Point and Calle Miramar hotel cases

Judge Stephen Walker is considering a request for summary judgement in favor of Lourdes Ramirez in the Calle Miramar hotel case. If that judgement is made, it would reverse the Calle Miramar hotel approval and basically the Old Stickney Point hotel approval. Should the summary judgement be denied, Judge Walker is also considering consolidation of these two lawsuits. The basis for both of these lawsuits is essentially identical: that the County has violated the Comprehensive Plan regarding increased density and intensity of use. Concurrently, the court is trying to find a trial date that would work for all involved parties, should the cases come to trial. The existing trial dates will likely be continued.

Hear David Smolker’s summary of the status of these cases.