Promenade Update – Protect Your Rights

June 29, 2021  —

Dr. James P. Wallace III and his expert traffic engineer, Bill Oliver T.E., met with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) staff to provide them with the results of our computer modeling, showing the very severe traffic backups that would result from a new traffic signal and intersection on Siesta Key’s Primary Access Road.

While FDOT staff seemed very interested in the model results and sincere during the meeting and even asked for copies of the modeling performed by our transportation engineer, the FDOT Secretary decided that we did not have standing to contest FDOT’s decision to approve the new intersection and traffic light at Ave B&C on Stickney Point Road.

With the help of attorney Ralf Brookes and appellate counsel David Smolker Esq., Dr. Wallace has now appealed  FDOT’s subsequent decision, that no one has standing to seek a hearing on the new traffic signalization and FDOT approval of the new signal and intersection, to the Second District Court of Appeals.

Dr Wallace has appealed FDOT’s position that no one on Siesta Key has any due process rights associated with major traffic safety-related changes to Siesta Key’s Primary Access Road.

This case is particularly important to Siesta Key because a new signal at Ave B&C would stop east west traffic dead in its tracks every 75 seconds on Stickney Point Road between the drawbridge and US41.


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