34 Mini Reefs Added to Siesta Key Waterways

April 1, 2022 —

On March 25, SKA installed 34 new mini reefs in Siesta Key waterways, with one community putting in 20 of those mini reefs. A special thanks to all new mini reef owners for your patience, to Jean Cannon’s team and the install team for their endurance, and to the residents of Northport and Southport for their community spirit. All are making a difference.

Orders for a late June-July mini reef install can be placed on the project website https://siestakeyassociation.com/grand-canal-regeneration/.

Another way you can help improve Siesta waterways is to install Vertical Oyster Gardens (VOGs). They can be placed under docks to create a marine life habitat. Here is a web link that describes VOGs, where to install, and how they operate – https://sarasotabay.org/get-involved/vertical-oyster-gardens/

 You can pick up a VOG for free at the April 7 SKA meeting, compliments of the Out of Door Academy.