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Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 4:30PM
St. Boniface Episcopal Church Parish Hall
5615 Midnight Pass Road – Siesta Key

Sarasota County Natural Resources staff will discuss water quality and collaborations to mitigate red tide.  Come meet the new leader of our Sarasota County Sheriff's Station on Siesta Key as Lt. Mruczek moves to the mainland for his new responsibilities.  Hear updates on our projects, including Big Pass legal action, collaborative work with the Barrier Islands League, GBSL issues, illegal rentals, and Siesta Promenade.

Don't forget, it's time to renew your membership for 2019!  Act now to join or renew at $30/year before dues go up in January.  You can renew online by logging into your SKA account or send a check to our PO Box.  We need your support to continue work on all of the projects vital to our quality of life on Siesta Key.

We hope to see you on Thursday!

SKA Board of Directors



SKA shares the concerns of our members and all local residents and visitors over the extraordinary red tide blooms devastating our coastal waters this year.  We are all distressed by the effect this is having on the lives of residents, our wildlife, and our economy. 

Our Environmental Committee is collaborating with the Barrier Islands League to work with local experts and elected and appointed officials at all levels to better understand this problem and to help promote long term solutions.  We will advise our members on progress as information becomes available.

You can also visit these websites for more information.

Mote Marine Laboratory's Beach Conditions Interactive Map

FWC's Weekly Red Tide Update

Florida Department of Health's Red Tide Health Information

We encourage concerned citizens to share your personal thoughts with our local, state, and federal officials.  You can find information on how to reach them on our Key Contacts page.


SKA is working for a DO NO HARM solution for Siesta Key and Big Pass

In October, the civil court denied the SKA Verified Complaint to prohibit the dredging of Big Pass on the basis that it violates the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan.

However, the ruling on the complaint opened the door to alternative avenues for the challenge, so SKA has filed an Amended Verified Complaint and is currently waiting for the city to respond during the required 20 day period.

We greatly appreciate your continued contributions to support legal expenses and representation on behalf of Siesta Key!  You can make a tax-deductible contribution to SKEDF of any amount to help us continue defending the Siesta Key environment.

Please refer to our Big Pass Project Page for more information on the impact of the proposed project and less harmful alternatives.  SKA fully supports the need for Lido Beach renourishment but strongly advocates for sources of sand that do not endanger Siesta Key or the Big Pass environment.


Latest dates for public hearings are:

  • Planning Commission - 15 November 2018
  • Board of County Commissioners - 12 December 2018

Benderson Development has issued a press release and launched a glossy website promoting the project.  Links are below.

They are marketing the development heavily and even launched a survey to engage residents in the selection of an organic grocer for the retail section.

SKA encourages members to compare the statements made on the website against the text of the actual CAP submission. Visit our Siesta Promenade Project Page for more information from SKA.

SKA will be preparing a letter to the Planning Commission prior to the hearing on November 15, 2018.  We will be basing our objections around traffic and issues with not properly defining the CAP boundary prior to the impact studies and public workshops.

Sura Kochman has also launched a grassroots website to try to counter some of the points in the Benderson marketing efforts and provide more information on the impact to the Pine Shores Neighborhood and surrounding area.

You can also contact Sura to apply for membership in their moderated Facebook page.  You may wish to review and sign their iPetition.

PLEASE NOTE: We know everyone is passionate about this project, and that many people plan to attend the Planning Commission and BCC Public Hearings to voice their objections.  However, we encourage members to identify some specific aspect of the project to which they object and to collaborate with people having the same issues to appoint one spokesperson to convey that message at the hearings.  It is quite likely that each person at these meetings will have very limited time to speak, and it is important to convey as many different arguments as possible during the hearing rather than having many people reiterate the same point. 

We have also learned that simply stating "We don't want it" does not carry much weight with the commissions.  Remember that these are quasi-judicial hearings where the commissioners must decide if the project has met all necessary requirements.  Arguments have to be based on some conflict with ordinances, failure to follow required process, or issues with public safety or general public welfare.

Sura Kochman is trying to coordinate the inputs from all of the area organizations who want to participate in the hearings to try to ensure that each group covers a different perspective.  Please understand that if the commissions feel that they have heard the same issue raised too many times, they have the right to suspend comments on the basis that no new information is being presented.


The Siesta Key Association was formed in 1948 as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit community group dedicated to maintaining Siesta Key as an attractive residential area. Siesta Key has no unique government entity. Our mission is to provide a representative voice with county government in civic and community affairs of interest to all property owners and residents on Siesta Key. 

SKA has about 2000 individual members , but we always welcome new ones.  Join us today to participate in this important community organization.  Simply click the link to the right to get started.  Just a $30 yearly investment will help us all to protect the distinctive character of Siesta Key.

Stay Active with SKA

The Siesta Key Association has a rich tradition of representing and proactively lobbying for the rights of the citizens of Siesta Key. It is becoming ever more critical to have an active member body that represents the interest of all property owners on Siesta Key.

SKA needs volunteers who can actively participate in subcommittees that work closely with the County to beautify our island, look after the environment and ensure that zoning laws are followed, so we can look forward to maintaining the essence of Siesta Key that is so important to all of us. Please contact for more information.

If you don't have the time to participate in subcommittees, you can learn more about what is happening in your community and contribute your ideas by attending any of the monthly SKA Public Meetings held the first Thursday of every month.

And don't forget to keep your email address current! We don't want to lose touch with you!


  • Provide advocacy for our members with County and State government
  • Maintain Siesta Key Overlay District standards and the Gulf Beach Setback Line
  • Protect our natural environment of mangrove, tree canopy, beach vegetation, waterways, and wildlife
  • Pursue bike, pedestrian, and driver safety and reduced traffic on Siesta Key and Bay Island
  • Protect Sarasota Big Pass environment and advocate alternatives for Lido Key renourishment
  • Continue beach park collaborative planning, including paid parking and off-island parking
  • Advocate for minimal impact from Siesta Promenade development
  • Code Red participation for all Siesta Key residents
  • Beautify and improve Siesta Key
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